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Default OSC value feedback

I'm experimenting with OSC control of Reaper and an important part is the feedback from Reaper. For the most part this goes far beyond anything possible with the Mackie MCU or HUI protocols but I ran into something where something is missing that I took for granted. It concerns effect paramater feedback, especially strings.
For example the delay time of UAD Cooper Time Cube plugin is not sent as a string value (e.g. "375 ms") but as a string representation of a float:
/fxparam/10/name		String  = : RateB
/fxparam/10/value/str		String  = : 0.5200
/fxparam/10/value		Float   = : 0.52
The correct string value should be available from the plugin as both Logic and Cubase send it to a MCU. When in sync mode the timing devisor is shown in the controller.

Is there something I'm missing? Is this something I can solve myself?

In other cases there are real string values available:
/fxparam/1/name		String  = : Program
/fxparam/1/value/str		String  = : LgHall B
/fxparam/1/value		Float   = : 0.25
/fxparam/22/value/str		String  = : 15 kHz
/fxparam/22/value		Float   = : 0.17
What is different about delay times (I checked several delay type plugins) that these are displayed as a float?
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