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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
I made a couple small changes and uploaded again, not sure if noticeable or not but being live there isn't much to change.
I'm not sure, maybe it sounds a little less compressed. Hard to tell without hearing them back to back.

The guitar don't sound bad with the compression, probably because it just sounds good anyway. Your strumming
is quite robust and when I hear the pumping I'm wondering if it's maybe bringing it out even more, maybe
pushing your vocal back some.

Of course these are just some off the wall observations Karbo, I'm not there and I'm being a little critical
here. It sounds great regardless, and you know my ears. I'm only nitpicking because it's you and your doing
some serious experimenting here with the mics and all. I love the sound your getting.

Waiting for the next one.

Ha ha, our posts are exactly 12 hours apart.
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