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Not that stupid if he's pluging the signal into the FX Return of the Real Amp,
this would allow him to use the Digital Amp with a Real Cab.

Guitar (Input 1) -> Reaper/Amp (Out 3) -> RealAmp FX-Return -> Mic (Input 2) -> Reaper Master Track (Out 1/2)

In Reaper you should have only one track with Monitoring enabled,
and that's the Last track with the Microphone/Input 2 as the source.

All other tracks should have Monitoring Off.

Then the Reaper/Amp track, should send the signal through a separate hardware Output, right?

You can select which output to use in the I/O menu of that track,
but your soundcard needs to have 3/4 outputs at least.

-And I guess that should do the trick really!

If there's still feedback loop,
you could also try to Disable/Untick the "Master Send" option inside the I/O menu of All tracks except the Last one.
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