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I am still having trouble with this and wonder if there is a solution I am missing.

Here's another example; I have made a project template that has a MIDI drum track, and a MIDI synth track. Both are virtual instruments. Both tracks have empty MIDI items in them. I had the drum track set up with diamonds and note names, and the synth track set up with piano notes.

When I start a new project based on the template and I open the drum item in the MIDI Editor I see piano notes and drum note names over lain. I have to reset the view options.

I would have thought the view options stick to the project but somehow they seem to be remembered as last used by REAPER.

Is there a way to lock the view options for a track and have the display show as expected when you open the MIDI items in the MIDI editor?

Thank you.
REAPER 5.96.1, Win 7 x64
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