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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
OK, I've merged tale's branch into our WDL's "next" branch, along with a few other small updates.
I noticed that you have merged all of my changes, which fine by me. But I should perhaps warn you about a couple of changes, because they may break compatibility with existing projects:

8da3756 When state chunks are enabled, use SerializeState() for a patch, and SerializePresets() for a bank.
Before this change SerializeState() was called for both patches and banks.

178c4fe Drop JPEG support.
I have completely dropped JPEG support in IPlug, because I only use PNG images.

964e261 Customized Xcode project file
Although I have added some useful stuff (macro defines), I have also dropped a bunch of code I don't need (e.g. JPEG stuff), but which others may need.
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