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Default SlowPlayRate Bug(s)


First part of bug:
When I set the psminv= to 0.00050000 in reaper.ini and then also set REAPER's PlayRate to the same and start playback from 0:00.000 the start time jumps to
-0:00.038 then it takes a few seconds before the playcursor shows up.

Second part of bug:
If you notice in the licecap, the fader is moving before the playcursor and when the playcursor becomes visable it jumps ahead to about 0:00.006 and as it loops you'll notice the envelope slider is not in sync with what is drawn in the lane.

--------^^^--------The above issue has been fixed--------^^^-------- as of v5.20beta6--------

Here is another little inconsistency:
In this licecap I'm using alt/shift/ctrl/shift+ctrl each with a single mousewheel up/down click first over the fader then over the value field. The expected behavior for the fader should be that of the value field.


I sent you a pm back in December that listed some other issues related to the psminv and psmaxv settings of the reaper.ini. If you did'nt get it or can't find it, I can resend it?

It would be so awesome if these issues could be fixed. If any of this needs clarifying or you need any more info please let me know.

Thank you

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