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Originally Posted by David Else View Post
1. There is a bug. When you press start/stop (space bar) everything resets as expected APART from the Post Gain dB when the plug-in in the middle has had its output reduced.

For example, I am volume matching an EQ. I make an adjustment, press space to reset the values. If the EQ volume has gone down then everything but the Post Gain dB value changes. It just gets stuck. The only way to do a real reset is to press the reset button, this is a shame as it seems natural to press space to me.
Hopefully i understood you right:-), and i tried to fix it: post gain is now reset after pressing space in Auto gain mode set to On
As Reaper still sends some samples through the engine even after stop, such samples are played with post gain 1.0 (!?!)

Originally Posted by David Else View Post
2. The Diff RMS Avg value is slightly different to the Witti plug-in even with the same RMS window. I measured that the Witti one was perfect compared to Reaper's own RMS, so there is possibly a problem?
The "Diff RMS Avg" is calculated from "Final RMS Avg dB" - "Source RMS Avg dB". xxx RMS Avg is the full integrated RMS over time, no window used here. Level matching based on only 300ms did not make any sense to me, i needed to match the loudness of the complete song, or at least large parts of it. Just compare to Schwa's Audio statistics.

Originally Posted by David Else View Post
3. There is no way to tell your plug-in to stop listening. The Witti one just somehow knows when to stop and does. It also has a scan on/off button to tell it to stop too. Once the match is perfect its great to tell the plug-in to stop, otherwise there is tiny changes going on as you listen.
i added the "Auto gain" button in order to switch from auto to manual (left click cycles up, right down). AutoGain off is equivalent to Wittis "scan off"
and keeps the Post gain value.
I also added the button "Hold" which pauses complete measurement.

Originally Posted by David Else View Post
4. The A/B button could be bigger
:-) right, but this is a limitation of JS, only to change with new graphical controls (bitmaps)
Originally Posted by David Else View Post
5. Is having RMS and PEAK at the same time ever a good idea? Maybe it should be one drop down menu to choose between one or the other?
Well, sometimes yes, depends on your plugin chain. I found it useful at least to have this option, but very seldom.

V 1.6 just released.

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