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Originally Posted by David Else View Post
Basically exactly what this is doing:

A 'poor man's' auto-gain wrapped around your proper auto-gain for the best of both worlds (don't know if that makes sense in German!).
So i got your point: as i said i own Nebula and it is very time consuming to set the right input gain. So, to overcome this i copied some parts from the AB Level Matching script to a new script called Auto Gain Staging JSFX (i started a new thread about it) which should exactly do what you want (AB Level Matching is designed for something different and hard to extend this way):
The script levels the input signal up to a reference level and afterwards it levels down the same amount, exactly what Nebula needs.

So finally you could wrap Auto Gain Staging around Nebula and AB Level Matching around the complete plugin chain.

Now you are able to setup the Nebula gain properly and to listen to Nebula effect at the original loudness level, which gives a much better impression what Nebula does!

I hope you like it

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