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Originally Posted by TBProAudio View Post
So i updated the plugins to 1.8:
Beside some minor improvements i added automatic PDC calculation, sic! So "real" delay caused by plugin chain is determined.
And i made a controller plugin with much less sliders

Enjoy it.

Tested the new version, REALLY love the new minimal interface version! Much better, the other was a bit disturbing to use.

** update, someone agrees with me when I mentioned your plug-in here

I think the new minimal version lacks only one thing now... right next to the bypass button on the bottom should be a button to toggle the 1770 pre filter on and off. It is then perfect

I did manage to get the 'stops working bug' again but can't seem to reproduce it. I did have both the minimal and normal interface working at the same time, so maybe this was not normal use and broke it?

Basically the plug-in just stops volume matching and the post gain slider becomes moveable. It looks like its working, the RMS levels are changing as you play in auto-gain mode, but there is no auto-gain happening. It's only happened once, and maybe it was because I had both minimal and normal receive plug-ins on at once, i don't know. Sorry I can't reproduce it for you!
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