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Originally Posted by David Else View Post
Tested the new version, REALLY love the new minimal interface version! Much better, the other was a bit disturbing to use.

** update, someone agrees with me when I mentioned your plug-in here
BTW the scripts should also run with the beta version of ReaScript VST plugins V2.2 (so basically in any DAW with VST support)

Originally Posted by David Else View Post
I think the new minimal version lacks only one thing now... right next to the bypass button on the bottom should be a button to toggle the 1770 pre filter on and off. It is then perfect
I added the prefilter "button", no problem. In addition i optimized the plugin delay measurement. Just download updated plugins (AutogainStaging is updated as well)

Originally Posted by David Else View Post
I did manage to get the 'stops working bug' again but can't seem to reproduce it. I did have both the minimal and normal interface working at the same time, so maybe this was not normal use and broke it?

Basically the plug-in just stops volume matching and the post gain slider becomes moveable. It looks like its working, the RMS levels are changing as you play in auto-gain mode, but there is no auto-gain happening. It's only happened once, and maybe it was because I had both minimal and normal receive plug-ins on at once, i don't know. Sorry I can't reproduce it for you!
Hmm, strange. Of course you should use either the full or the lite version, not both at the same time (you can bypass one or the other).

I hope you can catch this bug, very strange.

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