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Default 4 Person Audio Film Commentary - If/When to Gate?

Hey all. I'm going to be using reaper to record a 4 person audio commentary track for a Blu ray release of an older film. I'm going to have the movie itself imported as a media item and the clip viewer on a TV for the participants so everything will be in sync.

I'm curious if/when I should be using any kind of gates to cut down on background noise and cross talk in the individual tracks?

I'm using 4 cardioid condenser mics, so cross talk should be minimized there to start. But I have a Roland Octacapture interface that has built in compression and gate at the hardware level for each mic preamp. Should I be using these? Or should I be using reaper to do both?

And if using reaper to do compression and gating, should I be doing it live during the recording, it only putting it on after recording and during the mixing process?

Any other tips for a 4 person vocal conversation would be greatly appreciated!

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