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Originally Posted by goldenarpharazon View Post
One can use memory as pseudo-arrays as your .png screenshot already does.
That was my iinitial question to Justin, where he answered that strings could be used instead of memsets. I was interested of how to use strings as arrays.
In fact, it might be possible to use strings as a substitute for arrays, dividing useful data in segments with some special symbol or symbols combination, like "Track 1 | Bass | Track 3 | Kick" for string with track names and than parsing that string for the required data.
Since strings could be as long as 16kb in length, I think I might implement this method, but using some unique symbols combination, like "d_i_v_i_d_e_r" to separate data in strings.

Originally Posted by goldenarpharazon View Post
Note that all memset does is set the memory to a value which can be useful only when the programmer already knows that the space has been earmarked.
I understand the concept of memset, but find in not friendly and a reason for some future unpredictable errors.

Originally Posted by goldenarpharazon View Post
One could even use the file system to persist items from memory too: this is how databases work but it's Do It Yourself and probably overkill in the EEL2 / Novation world.
I also thought about using external files for storing the data, as well as for plugin maps, but I think that it would be even slower than "refreshing all consoles" action and not healthy for HDD.

My current snag is to find a way to store and update data that was already received from Reaper, related to unselected tracks/plugins.

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