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Originally Posted by DarkFlameSquirrel View Post
Whenever I vote yes on this FR it just throws an error 500. Ummmm?
Edit: I tried voting yes on another FR and it did the same thing.

I'm a recent FL convert and as thrilled as I am with everything else in Reaper, the plugin manager is most definitely one of the low points of this DAW in comparison to the DAW I came from.

Lmao ^ this
Yup. Try right clicking on the FX button on a track from the TCP and go to a folder with lots of entries in it. You can't even type the first letter of the plugin to "jump" down to it ffs. Because, all plugins of course begin with V for VST. So you have to scroll hover wait and wait to get to the letter you want. Lame. Other programs, just type a letter, boom jump to letter.

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