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Thanks tor listening !

I feel that Reaper is one of the greatest pieces of software around, and a decent part of this is it's extensibility. And here ReaPack is a wonderful (and IMHO necessary) tool.

But it is not visible to new users, you only get to know about ReaPack (and with this to a whole world of extensions and - extremely important - instructions and descriptions of same enabling selection and usage) after e.g. following discussions in the forum.

That is why I strongly suggest (to Cockos) to install PeaPack by default , visible at a very prominent position.

Moreover to use it's power in the most comfortable way (e.g. providing context help for supported JSFXes (and hopefully other stock plugins and extensions) "out of the box")

Regarding the ReaTeam repositories, IMHO there should be a place where decently tested packages are found and the test should include the documentation provided. New users should be able to benefit from the extensions in there as they are easily found and can be used without asking in the Forums what to do, which to install, and how to work with same. (Right now, I don't want to send deletion request for all ReaTeam packages that don't feature decent MarkDown documentation .)


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