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In the JSFX programming guide I found:

REAPER supports multiple MIDI buses, JSFX plug-ins can (but do not by default) access all 16 buses.
ext_midi_bus - Set to 1.0 in @init to enable support for MIDI buses (by default buses other than bus 0 will be passed through).
midi_bus - If ext_midi_bus is set, this will be set by midirecv() to the MIDI bus of the event, and will be used by midisend() et al to route the MIDI event accordingly. Valid values are 0..15.

By this the JSFX can detect on which bus a Midi message comes in, and determine on which bus is it will to go out.

(In fact I understand that the 4 Bus bits are just an extension to the 4 channel bits and bus routing is not handeled especially.)

Of course a JSFX can internally provide all options selectable in the midi I/O settings for a pluigin. Hence the appropriate menus are not provided. while the Midi routing options for a dedicated VST allow for handling the 4 bus bits, without the VST knowing about.

Nonetheless for sake of compatibility, it would be nice if the menue were in place for a JSFX, as well, handling the bis bits externally, while the JSFX only sees bus 0 (aka 1).


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