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Default Elves messed with my theme

I am a bit puzzled here.
I am using a theme that was in the stash a while back but not now - sort of retro thing? I have made and saved some minor coloring tweaks only.

I decided to clean up my portable Reaper folder and delete the many many try-out themes I had there, though not any Reaper default ones. Fortunately I cut and pasted them to a non Reaper folder because when I then opened Reaper my theme seemed to have reverted to something very different. I could post screen shots later.

When I put the unwanted themes back it reverted to my theme. Now I suppose I could cut them out then put them back one at a time to spot what worked together, but am curious as to why this might happen. Would there be bits of code in another theme that my one relies on? would a Reaperthemezip do that, I thought they were distinct inclusive packages?
A puzzle...
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