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Originally Posted by RobertP
Would there be bits of code in another theme that my one relies on? would a Reaperthemezip do that, I thought they were distinct inclusive packages?
It sounds like your theme is still relying on resources from another theme.
I'm guessing your images and layouts don't look anything like they did previously.

If you created a full theme zip that included the image folder, then you files are there, but your theme is still set to look at the other for thos files.

- open your theme
- open the Theme Tweaker from the Reaper action list.
- look at the image path in the box at the bottom of that tweaker window.
- click the Browse button, then navigate to and select your theme
- click the Save button at the top of the Tweaker window.
- move the other theme out of the ColorThemes folder and reload your theme to test.

If it's still not looking right, unpack/unzip your theme and verify the main theme file and the image folder were packed together.
check that the image folder has all the images needed and the RTCONFIG file is there and includes your customizations.

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