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Tried what you posted Lucas but the 'browse to my theme' bit wouldn't take me past the Colored Theme Folder.

I looked at all my themes in explorer and noticed that there were several versions of my preferred theme of different sizes. The biggest, about 2,500KB held all the information - main theme file, the image folder and config. The one I was using was about 9KB and so I think was acting like a shortcut.

So, I cut everything unrelated to my theme from the Reaper Theme folder (pasted elsewhere for safety)apart from Reaper defaults, and it turned out ok, apart from a few very minor tweaks missing. Looking at the defaults, it is apparent that resources were used from the v1.x classic theme... ah well.

Now, again for safeties sake, I need to learn how to save my theme in total so it is in one .ReaperThemezip after putting back the minor tweaks.

Once again, thanks for taking the trouble to help
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