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Originally Posted by RobertP View Post
Now, again for safeties sake, I need to learn how to save my theme in total so it is in one .ReaperThemezip after putting back the minor tweaks.
Inside the .ReaperThemeZip package you have the .ReaperTheme color definition file and a folder which has all the image resources, as well as the rtconfig file.

When you are doing edits with the Theme tweaker and save the edited theme from there, a new .ReaperTheme color definition file will be saved into the root of the ColorThemes folder. Later on when you are using this modified & saved theme, this new .ReaperTheme file overrides the original one inside the theme package.

So if you want to make a complete theme package, you will have to replace the original .ReaperTheme file inside the .ReaperThemeZip with the new one.
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