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Originally Posted by mykrobinson View Post
The title says plenty..

For those of you who have been doing this for a long time, how you decide which reverb to use and how much to use, which parameters to adjust, etc?

Seems to me like trial and error become your teacher, but those who do this for a living or at lest do this a lot, what is your "go to" reverb, either and exact one or type, what settings do you prefer for certain scenarios, and why?

I realize this is a very open ended question, and you're free to respond (or not) however you choose. I think the question posed in the title is simple enough, though.
For me, reverb is mostly about smoothing rough edges off of the sound, much like sanding a project made out of wood. You don't want to sand it down so far that the original item is no longer recognizable, which is easy to do with verb. Too much and you muddy the mix up. I generally go for room sounds, and use them sparingly enough that I have to bypass them to really hear what they are doing to the sound. My reverb of choice are the Lexicons. I use the MPX Native Reverb, which primarily has room sounds.

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