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Just a few personal thought on reverb:

1) Reverb in mixing emulates the physics of sound traveling in space in a given environment. In that sense, it will sound "good" if you emulate its nature well. For example, you may want to emulate what an individual would hear if he/she was sitting in a theater hall, aisle 14-seat C3, in an an opera show, or 1/2 mile away at t rock concert.

2) Reverb can be purely aesthetic, part of the creation, and non-rational. For example, one guitar is dry and the other is full of reverb. What is the context where a listener would have one guitarist by his side and the other playing in the back on large room? This is arranging things in 3D soundscape for entertainment purposes, ear candy, for example. The Cure's typical sound comes to mind (lots of chorus, flanger and reverb is part of their sound/tradeM.

3) Reverb can be a tool to "fix" things. For example, if the singer can't sing very well, then saturating the vocals with reverb will "hide" some imperfections. This can also be a "good" use of reverb.
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