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James, thanks for explaining things so well.
I detailed the same thing in the past but, gien the feedback here, I miserably failed, apparently (I am bad at documenting things: my average English skills do not help but I also tend to confuse people with tiny details so that they often do not get the big picture...) => Beware! I will probably steal everything you said for documentation purpouse some day!
Originally Posted by James HE View Post
There is a slight snag though. You will have to remember to manually copy the track templates folder for backup when using Save as into a different directory. The Templates directory will still point to the old project path, and if it's not there... well
Thanks for entering the FR 560 in the SWS tracker: I'll post the progress there (if any )
I think it is doable.. Well, we can tie some files to user projects for sure, but I have to double-check it works for other file types than media files.
What I would propose then is a new option like "Tie to project X.RPP" for bookmarks (bookmark = when you click the tiny "+" button. Bookmarks have their own options, paths, etc..)

Originally Posted by jnif View Post
You can also use Playlist scripts in Reaper to get similar workflow.
See this thread:
There are also some example videos included in that thread.
The latest version (v36) of the Playlist scripts package is here:

Some advantages of Playlist scripts compared to S&M Resources:
- All edits are automatically saved. No need to click save button. No risk to lose any edits when switching to different comp.
- Better handling of multi-track comps.
- You can (optionally) see all comps at the same time.
- You can filter the visibility of comps based on time selection.
- You can audition alternative playlists/comps without changing the current active (main) playlist.
- You can clearly see which tracks have multiple comps. You immediately see which track each alternative comp belongs to. In S&M Resources you need to rely on template naming only.
- Everything is saved to normal project file. You (or other project members) don't need to install any extensions to get access to playlists/comps. Actually track templates saved by S&M Resources are also normal Reaper files, so I guess you could also import those to any project without installing S&M extension. But manually linking those template files to tracks in a project is still a bit awkward.

This reminds me a post of yours in that thread which I really disliked, to say the least.
I did not replied to you at that time because it was some nice stuff, very good use of ReaScript and I did not wanted to discourage you.

This time I will reply though, I checked this bunch of scripts.
I won't discuss all points you mentionned here -which I could do- but just mention one "advantage" too.
My turn: the S&M Resources won't corrupt user projects, if you see what I mean.

Also, I take this opportunity to tell you something because there is a pattern I often see in your posts.
Please, take one step back before using words like "akward", etc.. For ex., when you compare a slow-gaz-factory-with-painful-install and a 1 click/dbl-click solution which works out of the box Thanks.
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