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Default Recording Directly to the Network

Has anyone done this? How does this work? Do I have the right idea?

I understand ReaMote and it's uses. I don't want help with VST load.

I'm thinking of it in this manner: Jazz Big Band

About 40-50 Mics', each could have some effects(VST).
Maybe some routing through some analog gear.

Host machine is plenty fast and capable, maybe an audio interface card @ 0.5ms or 1ms latency. Low samples. Maybe a 20GbE, 40GbE, or 50GbE NIC. The RME MADI FX says about 2.5Gb/s Line Speed (PCI-e).

Possible configurations:
Host Machine ---> Direct 50GbE NIC to NIC ----> Slave/NAS/Backup
Host Machine ---> 50GbE Switch ----> Slave/NAS/Backup

Now when I press record with every track armed. Let's say, 50 total tracks. Let's say Reaper's configured path happens to be:


Will the Slave PC/NAS require a World-Clock card to sync the MADI FX/interface? Is that the proper usage?

There is obviously going to be some level of added latency, I'm assuming saving directly to another PC over a network.

Does Reaper have the ability even when given proper permissions to create a folder structure over the network? (I'm not in much of a position to test this myself)

Say theoretically record 5-10minutes of a piece/frequency content to both machines at the same time, render it directly to the host machine. Open the project from the SLAVE PC, over the network, and render it again directly to the host machine. Will there be a difference in the information without a World Clock sync? With a World Clock sync?

The idea is I want the HOST MACHINE to be dedicated to processing and a network SLAVE for direct storage of all WAV information.

Anyone who can help me wrap my head around this idea would be appreciated. Overall, I don't want to have to run a script to back-up over the network, taxing my processing computer. I'd like to just save directly to a SLAVE, with the timings all correct.

Is there a better way than Ethernet/Fiber/etc? If the Master is Windows, will it bottleneck like File Transfer over Ethernet bottlenecks? Or does Reaper circumvent this?

I know there is a lot asked here, any help is appreciated. I'm far from an Audio Eng expert, maybe someone with experience recording large groups with the right knowledge can clear this up.
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