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Default Just a little bit further clarity re the WHY + the COST - PDC etc

Hi, I've had the tutorial thread as an open tab on my phone ever since I discovered it.

I'm just reading the particulars now, and I just wanted to ask -

Lots of the why (from what I've read) was to reduce GUI clutter... And the NOW (re how SXS can allow routing templates with hidden tracks that, if unused @ mixdown are removed...)

1) when (if ever) do you NEED to employ this advanced technique / these techniques (there are several scenarios covered here, depending on what ya using, n what ya wanna do)

2) what are the cost implications (in laymans terms?

I read something about PDC + feedback routing, but I'm
Not sure on what they are + what they affect, and even if I NEED to try and do and of this, ie with modern reaper technology + me still being in MIDI 101

References truly welcome videos especially !

Thank you to all contributors
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