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Default Worlde EasyControl 9 Midi Surface...

Hi all,

Not sure if anyone can help me out on here, and sorry if it's a duplicate question (couldn't find a thread for this). I've recently bought the very cheap, but surprisingly useful Worlde EasyControl 9 Mini controller. Went into Reaper, applied some Actions to the knobs and sliders... so far so good. But I'm having trouble getting Reaper to recognise when the Bank function is used so I can assign further Actions and the knobs/sliders will act for different volume/pans etc.

I know this is vague and I can try and fill in some blanks to the best of my ability if anyone has any ideas. The controller comes with a program to change the CC of the knobs and sliders, but this doesn't seem to be changing within Reaper.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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