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Ok - at first - it appears the SetTrackStateChunk may not suffer the same limitations as the GetTrackStateChunk.

So I'm going to try out using the GetTrackChunk from the top of this thread (which works fine and brilliantly ) alongside the standard reaper.SetTrackStateChunk which seems to write back overly large chunks ok (in my quick limited tests).

If this is the case - then all should be good for my purposes

However - it should probably be mentioned (as I have) - that the SetTrackChunk function above using the SNM API calls can do strange things to GUIDs


Yep the native reaper.SetTrackStateChunk handles the large >4Mb chunk strings fine. (phew!)

So I would say go with the GetTrackChunk function provided at the top of this thread to replace reapers function - but stick with reaper's native settrackstatechunk function if you plan to do any reordering/removal of plugin data to avoid messing with the FXIDs.
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