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Originally Posted by themixtape View Post
Is this real???
You can check yourself, the first post is updated

That is a first alpha version! Far from everything is converted, some parts are converted partially on not precise. Please do not report that as bugs. But you can ask to put particular features higher in my TODO list

If someone think "oh... alpha... announced project without real use, unclear when finished if at all...".
This alpha (till possible bugs which I hope the community help me to spot) already can:
* create complete outline of your original project, including MIDI tracks, buses, AUX tracks and sends
* transfer FXes and SoftSynth of all supported kind (VST2(i), VST3(i), DX(i)), including plug-in presets from your original project.

So from what I know, it already does "a little bit" more then any cross DAW converter I could find in the Internet (prove me wrong if you know other).

I think with its under 100kB size and zero external dependencies it fits fine into general Reaper paradigm. The only deviation: it is written in "C" (not C++) and cross-compiled under Linux using GCC
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