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Default Question on controller

Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
I had the Zero Mk2 and struggled to get it going although I gather automap has been improved since I tried it. Happy with my multiple Korg Nanokontrol.pad setup.
Question: So ivansc; on the Korg nanokontrol is that the Studio, right? for approxiately $150.00?
Does that have 5 saveable banks, so that I could control 8 faders/pans/selection buttons times x 5, so able to control '40' total tracks?
That would be nice, and not too expensive.

On my easycontrol 9, i have 9 faders, actually 8 and four scenes/or banks, so I can control a total of 32 tracks. The 9th fader/pan/button I use for 'last selected track' and it works quite well having that extra functionality of 'last selected'. I just click on a track (track 53, or 62, for instance) and the fader/pan/solo button works on that one too. saves me completely from having to go to the mouse for those.

So the Korg Nanocontrol Studio is making you happy enough? Great to hearf.

Question 2.
How would I set up to bring in an analog compressor and channel strip to affect all tracks? Just a mixer that has 2 aux sends? (usb of course).
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