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Default req: set snap offset to -(startInSourceValue) when trimming items

As it is at the moment, in order to copy a trimmed item we are not able to use snap as it would be supposed

To workaround, first we have to remove the added trim, copy it and redo trim, paste and then redo the trim in the new place! (or do what i demonstrate in next gif.)

So i suggest a mode or option or as default behaviour (... i don't know!) that when trimming:
set offset to -("start in source value") in order to be able to snap regularly.
or if you want if "start in source" is different then 0:00.000 then set offset to -("start in source value")

like this:

But automatically by reaper,


edit: this post was edited in order to contain the information and conclusions made during discussion here. Thank you vanhaze and amagalma

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