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That one is easy. That below is a little harder.

But I was able to make it without a single mistake.

However I was doing much harder tests and on two or three last ones I've made mistakes.

I don't think your one eye (sorry my friend!) make MUCH difference. But on longer run it can make a difference.

With matching colors the problem is not so much your good vision, but the knowledge what to add (or take out) from the color you're trying to match.

It's so complex, that a big book could be written about it.

Some examples.

You matching color and next car to your sample is red and you are matching different color.

No chances of matching. It's like matching in red color lamp.
In sun light in the noon it's the best time to match colors. Before 11:00 AM and after 16:00 PM don't match, especially gold, yellow or brown colors.

No chances of matching.

In artificial light is the same or... worse.

But... that will not solve the brown problem with Reaper.

But if someone can change and all of those brown make into more blue, I would love it and maybe many others.

With a current Default 5.0 theme I can see 2 problems. To make version 6.

1. Of course brown, but that's my personal preferences. Just make 2 options, please! :-)

2. Writing on sends, inserts, etc are almost perfect on RADO-V4. You can read and can see properly the volumes. Current one is BAD! I'm forced to type numbers.

3.A little 3d graphics. And will be IMHO perfect for most people.
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