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Default Null test rendering files offline/online

Hi everyone. I have not found any entry on this forum which matches exactly what I come to share, but if there is, please share a link on the answers. I'll explain my case:

I finished a mix of some tracks and I was about to send them to mastering. As I am using Reaper for a short time now, I wondered which render option would be better, or if there can be some difference between rendering full speed offline, 1x offline or 1x online.

So I performed a null test. I chose one track and I rendered it the three ways that I mentioned above. When I compare two of the rendered files(no matter which ones), and I flip the phase of one of them, at first I heard nothing (perfect situation so far) until the playback reaches two vocal parts that involve the plugin EpicVerb, by Variety Of Sound. I hear only the reverb, but I hear it. This, as I say, only happens twice in the whole song, in the sections where the vocal track was sent postfader to another track with the VST plugin Epicverb on.

Before doing the null test, I ran into this reddit post in which, as you can see, another person claims that EpicVerb cuases some changes when rendering:

I wonder if this has happened to you with EpicVerb or maybe some other plugins. Looking forward for your answers!
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