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Originally Posted by X-Raym View Post
1000 items under a region ? (so on 1000 tracks ?) What kind of projects are you working on ?

Maybe you could take advantage of Script: X-Raym_Split selected items at regions.lua, if you have Item: Toggle enable/disable default fadein/fadeout set to on, it will even create fades within the regions boundaries
(the only thing it will not do is deleting the items outside the regions, but this may not be that important. You may also use a script to select items under a certain length if those split items are tiny.

1000 items (sometimes less, sometimes more) in the same track and alot of regions, we translate dialog to another lenguage so the final render usually must have the exact same lenght as the original dialog (client request), we create regions with the original dialog items and we do the render with them.

Usually we edit the items manually and we put fades to remove noise or unwanted sounds so we cant put automatic fades it will mess our manual editing. I wish to have a script to select the items outside the regions because I want to check fast after we finish to edit if everything is right (usually we check it scrolling but with so many items we can miss some errors). Selecting the items outside the regions we can move them to another track to fix them.

Btw your scrips are great we use alot of them in our day to day work, thank you.
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