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Default Lazy composer stem rendering request

So my template for scoring film and TV has a number (25) of "Stem" tracks for delivering all the stems or splits of my music to the music editor and or Dub stage.

These tracks only receive the busses or parents and the verb tracks that are associated with each buss or parent track.

I had been asking for the meters to hold at the top position in the feature request area but noticed my new theme (HYDRA) has a number value left at the top after the track has been playing. This essentially works but is not terribly easy to read.

God forbid I have to squint at the numbers

I use the "selected tracks" and "time selection" dropdowns for rendering out my final stems and stereo mixes.

So I typically either

A. select all the tracks and render a number of silent tracks and let the music editor sort it out...


B. play the track all the way through and select the tracks as I see the meters appear to register signal.

Option B. above will give me only the stems that the music editor and dub stage need which saves time when uploading or dropbox syncronizing stems deliveries.

So my request would be for a script that would "Unselect selected tracks that have not had a meter value of more than -50" or something like that.

Ideally, this would work after making some final tweaks and switching to my track view that has my stem tracks ready to select so I would not have to select them before the track was playing but after while the meter reference value is still available. I would select all the tracks then run the script and it would unselect selected tracks with a meter reading of less than -50. It would likely be useful to be able to set this value but I assume I may be able to by editing the script?

Automating this would help us make fewer errors and give us more confidence at 3am on a deadline. And make our music editors and mixers happier.

Thanks for listening.
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