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Originally Posted by calimerox View Post
I have a quadraphonic setup , and i am using sonarworks reference for room correction in a stereo setup . I m just wondering: how would i apply room correction to the 4 speakers?

is there a way to apply 2 instances of a plugin to the master track (which is 4 track)l, and then run for example channel 1+2 through one plugin and 3+4 through the second plugin? is there a way to do a routing like that? or maybe there is a better idea? sonarworks reference is a stereo plugin ...
I'm also running Sonarworks Reference 4 on my system. I have a cube array of eight Auratone 5c Cubes and am running four instances of Sonarworks in the monitor FX section. I set up four different calibration files in the Sonarworks setup application and just treated the speakers as four individual stereo pairs. It works really well.

I have the four plugins running after my third order Ambisonic cube decoder. I have sixteen audio channels (third order Ambisonics uses sixteen channels of audio) from each channel in the mixer going to the master buss which then goes to the cube decoder. The output of the master fader is, therefore, eight channels for the eight speakers. That is what then goes to the monitor FX section where my four instances of Sonarworks live.
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