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Default Reaper Loads Each VST Instance Applied to Each Item.

This will be the second Feature Film, I'm Sound Editing with REAPER. I have nothing but good things to say about the software. It is incredible how customizable the software is and makes you wonder why other companies don't do the same.

That being said, because the nature of the beast that is Film Sound Editing, I tend to apply effects directly to an ITEM rather than to TRACKS. Sometimes 2-4 effects per item. Since a feature film is at least 1hr long, we are not talking about a 4-7 minute project but rather 90-100 minute file. Add to that the fact that every time a character speaks it's a different item and you are left with a huge amount of items throughout your project.

When I start REAPER, it not only loads the effects from the plugin folders (which doesn't take much time), but it goes ahead and loads each effect applied to each item throughout the project. On my last Movie, this would take literally 10+ minutes. So I would just start REAPER and walk away to get coffee or something.

I can always do the same on this new project, but I was wondering if there is a way to tell REAPER not to load every instance at the beginning, and rather as I select and item and open the FX parameter window, then it would take the time to load those effects for that item? This would spread the 10+ minute load time throughout my editing session.

Thanks in Advance.
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