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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
We've tried before, many times. Many many, many times. It doesn't work. You might like to believe it would work this time, but I know it wouldn't. I agree that this is extremely regrettable, that's why I tried so many times. This is not a me thing, or a you thing, or a Reaper community thing. Its an internet thing.
The internet might have been able to tell you that contrast is rather important for useability and accessibility - the "gray text on a slightly different gray background" you've got for the tracks' hardware inputs and the box that says "in" is, in that respect, bad. Like, failing most or all of the standard accessibility tests bad:

In v5 the track's monitoring status was almost invisible, which I'm pleased to see has changed here, but now you've done the same thing with text people have to be able to read. I have good eyesight and even I find it awkward.

The internet might also have been able to tell you that M, R, and S are much more communicative than three colored stripes as Evildragon mentioned above. I get that it's more stylish this way, but no. Please, no.
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