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Originally Posted by DaveKeehl View Post
Well to start I want to say that I don't mind the "REAPER look" that REAPER has. I dig it, quite a lot actually. It's different. Less fancy but very practical. But that being said, I expected something... more. I don't even like some design choices about the track components. The routing box for instance... not great. The solo and mute buttons are also not very nice.
I hoped that WT created a better version on Default_5.0 but to a certain extent, I think this theme went backwards.
And I don't like saying these things because I have huge respect for WT. I'm very passionate about UI/UX design and he's one of my heroes to be honest.

However, I really must say that the new programmable features are AWESOME and I think it's one of the best things that happened to REAPER in a long time. For instance the fact that a track can change layout when selected is completely game changing for me. Well done under this point of view!
I agree. His talent is huge. So has more Walter been abstracted out so idiots like me can make and modify themes? If so, are there new docs I can start reading?
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