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I agree that the route button does not fit the overall style somehow and that mute and solo buttons also does not fit.

Some more observations:

- toolbar button text size seems too large to me, there can be only 4-5 letters fin into the width of a square button. If that was 6 stable, its 50-20% increase. If it was 7 even better.

- font for fx name and send name in the mixer also seems too large and wide

- 3+ digit track numbers in TCP cannot fit, 2 digits look already cramped

- windows which are somewhat themable (trackmanager, Add fx)would need to be dark to match the dark arrange

- minimal track height in TCP seems still too tall for me

- tiny children are not folder-offset as a normal expanded children are

- would it be possible to script element rearranging in track and mixer panels?

- there is some blinking when adjusting tracks with the script, would reaper.PreventUIRefresh() help?
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