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I appreciate the work, but to be honest (and I hope at least a bit constructive) there are some things I personally don't like:

- The round faders. Everything is straight with sharp corners. So faders absolutely don't fit
- The icons seem to be too "fat"/"clumsy", at least compared with the typo.
- Inactive buttons/icons and their respective backgrounds are too dark for the general background. It all "flows" into each other. Hard for the eyes. At least for me.
- Much too dark and less contrast on many elements. Though it is dark and should be easy to the eyes and probably will get quite exhausting to work with it over a longer session.

Please, I don't mean it rude, it is just my opinion. There will be many users that have a different opinion. And thats good. But as you are asking for opinions, here is mine :-)
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