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I was up and running in Reaper in about three minutes. A few settings on the controller and then I found a few settings in Reaper for the X-Touch itself. The build quality is outstanding for $383.00 and much better than expected or what some YouTube videos epitomized.

I was the guy over a decade ago using several Yamaha boards like the 01V96 as a control surface but in a limited capacity and when I switched to Reaper I requested that the Cockos developers support it which they didnít.

I totally understand and canít help myself in my promotion of Reaper on other forums to the degree one might think I own stock in Cockos. Not! Not possible! I guess it is never too late thank the Devs for an awesome DAW along with the best audio engine in the business.

The X-Touch works great with Reaper in a ton of ways right out of the box and what isnít programmed you can customize. I checked every fader and 92 illuminated function buttons using MIDI-OX and everything is putting out MIDI data.

Just a few minutes ago I hooked up Reaper to one of the footswitch inputs on the X-Touch and set an Action for it.

Two thumbs up for the X-Touch but realize there is no manual and no phone support so you are pretty much on your own.
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