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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
That is very unlikely. The hardware might do 10 or 11 Bits, but not more. The protocol of course provides 14 Bits, but some of those bits might be dummy.
Well, the answer is right before us in the data.

If you look at the video and watch the third value (the msb) and note how it changes, you will notice that, at first the value changes after 2-4 lines(as in the .png in the previous post), but as you get into the "critical zone" -- the Zone from say, -10db to +10db, the lines with the same value for msb repeat more often, meaning more resolution.

The repeating line count never goes above 8, so 8 * 128 = 1024 = 10 bit resolution where it counts and less resolution down around say, -30db and below where it doesn't matter near as much, sounds like a reasonable design decision to me

This is an absolutely standard MCU implementation, no mystery here
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