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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Oops! Re-fixed for the next build :/

Adding to the AI API change brainstorming - while it certainly eases some things (when it comes to looped AIs) I think it also may make it harder to work with current visible points, as this API change now also catches the hidden points.

As one example (which I'm working on currently):

This worked before but now breaks as it also iterates through the invisible points (which we'd now have to check ourselves).

My idea would be something like this:
- count/get/set etc. all points as before
- adding two additional bool to AI envelope points:
- isInSource
- isVisible

So we could handle all cases arccodingly.

Not shown in the gif, but this and similar actions should of course also work not only for the source but all loop iterations (if the points are visible), so this would be another pro argument for a way to getting not only the points in the source (otherwise we'd have to 'construct' the points in the iterations ourselves) but all currently visible points as it was before I think.

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