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I know exactly what you're talking about. Coming from macOS and a magic trackpad to Windows 10 with a mouse, I just searched for this then discovered the answer. It comes down to the Alt key being a default in Windows to access menu keyboard shortcuts so let's change from Alt to Shift.

You need to open the action list, search 'wheel', View: Scroll horizontally (MIDI CC relative/mousewheel)

You'll see that it's currently assigned to 'Alt+Mousewheel HorizWheel'.

In the bottom left, under Shortcuts for selected action, click Add then perform a Shift+Mousewheel. That should pop into the highlighted Shortcut field. Click OK.

From there, go back to the Shortcuts for selected actions section, click on 'Alt+Mousewheel' and delete it. Now you can zoom horizontally using Shift+Mousewheel.
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