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Default Media Explorer Temp Area

A section in the Media Explorer to hold items so you can have quick access to them while auditioning other items. The items in the holding area would be click and arrow key up and down to audition. All items in the temp area can be cleared with a clear button.

The Problem:
When searching through all my sound effects when working on film/video projects, (sound effect libraries that are hundreds of GB with tens of thousands of sounds, i.e. Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library) I find myself having to drag items into the timeline that I might need, only to later delete them when I find a sound that works better.

For example, when looking for a door creaking sound effect I would:
1) Find a sound by auditioning it in the Media Explorer.
2) Drag it onto the timeline to save it since I may find other sounds that are hundreds of items away in the database from the current. Also, if I want to compare it to a sound already on the timeline I have to go back and forth between the Media Explorer and timeline.
3) Repeat 1 and 2 looking for other sounds that work.
4) Solo the track and listen to the sounds again in quick succession to better compare them. This requires skipping to each item either via a keyboard shortcut or mouse click.
5) Delete all unused sounds.
6) Move the chosen sound into place.

Repeating this for every sound needed in even a 10 minute short film is tedious and feels like a lot of extra button pushing than needed.

Having a temp bin that is part of the Media Explorer would allow sounds that are pulled from all over a database to be organized and auditioned in one place quickly within the Media Explorer, with no need to jump back and forth to and from the timeline. The chosen sound can immediately dragged into the correct position. All the items in the temp area can be cleared with one press of a button.
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