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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
First off, why aren't you happy with your current pickups?
I love the Texas Specials, I'm not looking for a replacement, looking for an additional set that will give me a different tonal quality when playing along with my MIM mod with the Hot Noiseless pickups.

Originally Posted by Stringer View Post
I put Tonerider Pure Vintage in my MiM Roland Ready Strat:
I originally had a set of Tonerider Classic Blues pickups in my PartsCaster, first set of pickups I installed in it after I built it. Really good pickups, I replaced them with the Texas Specials but I've still got them laying around here somewhere.

Regarding the points made about not really knowing for sure how they're going to sound until you actually get them installed and start playing, I totally agree. That's why I was hoping to narrow the field a little by seeing what others experiences were. There's just so many choices out there.

The plan is to wire up a new pickguard and just swap pickguards on the PartsCaster with the the Texas Specials. When I do hit on a set that gets me close to this tone I have in my head, then I'll look around for a good used Strat, or just get another MIM strat and put that pick guard in the new strat and put the pickguard with the Texas Specials back in my PartsCaster.

Boys and their toys, right???

Never even dawned on me to check You Tube, thanks for the suggestion.

EDIT: Should probably mention I'm playing through a Fender BassBreaker tube amp.

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