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Originally Posted by jedstar2000 View Post
Track Icons RIGHT

Track Icons LEFT

A quick mockup showing track icons on Left.

I've removed the record arm function this would become visable when tracks hights are enlarged.

Somthing like this....

This layout would allow for the most versatile track sizes
It would be compatable with all current themes
And eliminate the cluttered look when using folders and track icons.

The aligned buttons and faders makes it look INCREDIBLY tidy and nice. Much better than the default behavior which ends up like a mess very quickly.

I don't like your track icons right option at all though as it breaks this nice symmetry of buttons. Actually, that picture of track icons right is the exact problem of reaper as it is now, when comparing it side by side with the track icons left picture. Just look at how "busy" the track icons right picture looks compared to the tidy track icons left one.


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