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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
Standing on jedstar2000's shoulders:


-- keep the track icons (and the folder icons) aligned vertically where possible
-- there is more room for the track name and vol fader too
-- the folder indents will need some work
I really quite Like this approch after all there's no real reason the icons cant sit behind the folder indent....

Originally Posted by White Tie View Post

IMO you should always show the arm button, not least because pressing that tells Reaper to reveal the buttons you need, so that would be a good step forwards.
The key to gaining the space hear is removing the arm button . Without that you may as well use the extra space required to display icons on the right using a blank like you've surgested .

Hears my opinion for what its worth ...

...Most people don't need to be able to arm every track .
...A track can be set to enable when selected so its easy to record on any track instantly without the use of a the arm button.
...The arm button becomes visible when tracks become bigger than the fader
and name badge....(i.e. third set of controls visible)
...Most people like to see what they are recording so do so at at lest this larger size.
....Folder tracks have arm button visible at all times for instant multitrack recording
....Folder to the left to be an option so those that don't like it or don't
want the to lose the arm function don't have to.

P.s. don't worry about the Vol/name bg thing I was just brainstorming on ways to achieve more usability on the smallest of tracks in the most optimum way but I understand this could take years or never happen so I'm not going to worry about it .

But Items left would be a simple addition for the devs i.e move arm button down move track item left add option box in prefs ...done

A full Rethink of the tcp and gui will require a new license fee i.e reaper 4
...............Reaper the DIY DAW.....................
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