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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Its because you are sort of stealing some of that away from kernel memory. Technically 32Bit is 4GB of addressable space (2^32) Kernel memory gets 1/2, user apps get the other 1/2. Setting the 3GB basically says give the Kernel side of the OS 1 GB and the user side OS the remaining 3GB. This also cuts in half something called "non-paged pool memory" from 256MB to 128MB. NPP is preallocated at boot and can never exhausted or be paged out to disk, ever, because it has to handle some of the direct communication to hardware/drivers.

So that's the most basic; you can get instability for several different reasons however, for a DAW 95% of the time it'll probably work. The thing to do is to mentally make a note of the current stability before changing it and if you are seeing unusual crashes or hangs after the change you'll know what might be causing the problem.
Karbomusic, thank you for that great explanation. I implemented the switch when I went from 2GB to 4GB. My overall system was pretty stable prior to and after the switch. Reaper, on the other hand, crashed repeatedly prior, but rarely after. I use a lot of VSTi's, and Reaper's reported mem use was in the 1.5-1.8GB range prior to crashing. Now I can easily go over 2GB.

Another thing that is probably relevant - this is just a hobby for me and I rarely record other people. While I don't enjoy crashes, the risk is low wrt losing money or wasting other people's time.
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