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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
A sidechainable instrument is a fairly unique thing.
It's the only way to do it in Cubase or Logic... Some instruments may have built-in vocoder effects, hence the sidechain. But in our case with Reaper, as you say we can have that "sidechain" in main 1/2 inputs, and that should work fine. Right? (And from my experience with other VST insturments that have audio inputs, they all work fine in Reaper through 1/2 inputs, AND they listen to MIDI properly. In Surge if we rename the DLL by suffixing "_fx" to the name, so that it is recognized by the host as instrument - it works with inputs 1/2 as expected, BUT it doesn't receive MIDI! I have a number of VST FX that receive MIDI just fine...)

In Surge VST2 plugin, if I put some audio through it (through ins 1/2), it IS processed by the synth, but raw signal is also passed through the plugin as well (this seems to be a Reaper default thing to do?), so we get this weird overlap... Maybe if there was an option NOT to do this in Reaper, would be good?

It's a free plugin (and open source), so if you can please check it out to see what's wrong with it (by Reaper's expectations of VST2/VST3)?
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