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Default Win 7 to Linux

I just want to point out that trying Linux gets easier all the time. Just make sure you are using up to date info about what ever distro you use. I went with Pop OS because they are friendly to new hardware and I have a new computer. I also liked the fact that they had a separate ISO for Nvidia drivers so I was all set. I have a Behringer umc 204 hd interface and it was immediately recognized.I did not have to fight and disable other choices. Also, I liked the fact that for the install, there was no need to change bios settings. The only requirement was to disable fast start. Not to be confused with fast boot, fast start is changed inside of windows. The other thing I like is the dual boot method.There is no grub boot loader. I just use the bios boot select. I am not so thrilled with their support options,but that's just my issue. For someone running older hardware, I would probably look elsewhere. This distro is Ubuntu based some negatives or positives of Ubuntu would apply.
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